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What are you focused on improving?

A focused and realistic approach towards your goals is very important so that over time we can create sustainable exercise and nutrition habits that will improve the quality of our lives.


Using proven scientific methods we can track your exercise progress to consistently challenge your body stimulating the desired response of increased muscle growth, strength, power, endurance and also improve all round general movement capability. These are some of the different goals I help my clients achieve with their training programs.


If our bodies are like cars and our muskuloskeletal system is the engine of the car, we could consider nutrition to be the oil and water that allows the engine to function even more efficiently! Healthy nutrition is vital for your continued success on your journey to achieve your goals. The good news is that healthy nutrition doesn't have to taste bad or be boring and I am her to help you achieve this.

Mental Success

In setting out a plan we should have a realistic time frame, it's very helpful to be motivated and enjoy the small successes along the way. I will keep you motivated and help you keep track of our small successes building success upon success as we grow mentally and physically StrongFit.

Sustainable options for Exercise Programs and Nutrition Coaching

We’re all individuals so any kind of long term training program should factor in your health/fitness/aesthetics goals, availability and capability. My own journey and working with many different people around the world has moulded my approach to build all these pillars and I’ve transferred these principles into my exercise & nutrition offerings so you will be able to find a solution for your needs that allows you to grow from exactly where you are.

Personal Training

Personal Training

Exercise programs designed to your specific needs, please enquire about availability.
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Nutrition Coaching


Whether you want to build muscle, loose weight or enjoy healthier living, nutriion plays a big role... let me show you how.
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I've created a Personal Group Training model, this is for fitness athletes with a bit more experience who also want a bit of independence.
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A journey of health & fitness

Hi, my name is Ernest. I’m a Personal Trainer based in Munich, Germany. I’m here to join you on a journey of self discovery and improvement in the area of health & fitness. I train people all around the world helping them become stronger and more fit, the effects of improving our relationship with our physical body echoes through into other areas of our lives… let’s explore this potential together.
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