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Yes, exercises are not gender based. We all have very similar muscular anatomy so unless there is a medical reason, all exercises can be done by both men and women at different weight. How much you lift during an exercise will always be relative to yourself, that’s an important rule to have in mind.
Being strong & fit shouldn’t be primarily based on what supplements you are taking, rather what your exercise and nutrition routines look like. Building good routines will lead to long term sustainable change physically and mentally, supplements should be taken to SUPPLEMENT your routines.
Yes, we believe that being to be strong and fit requires that we approach our health wholesomely. What that entails is making sure that you’re getting all the relevant nutrition your body needs to perform not only your exercises well but to also make sure that you can sustain your energy throughout the day, we provide nutritional coaching and meal plans based on your body type and the goals you are working towards.
We all want to be toned, but it’s important to understand what it means to have good visible definition and thus “be toned” … so firstly, this definitely does constitute having well developed muscles otherwise there would be no shape. Secondly, being toned also requires mindful nutrition so that we’re keeping our body composition in a good state. So to sum it up, the idea of “just wanting to be toned” is the end result of a well designed exercise and nutrition program that is being followed with consistency.
You can look forward to a great variety of exercises in my programs. What I can say is that independent of what accessory you’ll be using to execute the exercises generally you’ll be performing compound movements at varying tempos, focusing on concentric or eccentric phases, focusing on exertion and much more. All of these variables will influence the energy system we’re activating through a specific exercise which ultimately will line up with the program design and your goals.

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