I’ve created a Personal Group Training model, this is for fitness athletes with a bit more experience who enjoy a level of independence in their training program. Within each TEAM.STRONGFIT Group Training Program (GTP) there will be very specific outcomes that we want to achieve, whether that be increasing lower body strength/lower body aesthetic focus or a full body functional fitness focus. Some of the GTPs will also have days which are flexible and each individual can decide on a program to follow on that day more specific to your personal goals.

What makes TEAM.STRONGFIT GTPs different?

The Program

To continuously see aesthetic, strength, composition gains – whatever your goal is, requires constant progression in your workout, I have designed these GTPs into smaller training cycles aka mesocycles (12 weeks) and they will progress throughout the year allowing your body to adapt in a desirable manner. Your GTP will be accessible and easy to follow on my app, here you will also have the option of tracking your workout results as you become stronger, more fit and create a better version of yourself.

* Please bear in mind that I adapt the program to the GTP outcome and not to any specific individual as would be the case in 1-1 Personal Training, if you are interested in Personal Training get in touch with me to discuss the details.

Group Support

Each GTP will have a Facebook group where you can find motivation, share your successes with each other, ask questions, give feedback about your personal experience with the product and find helpful information that I will share regularly.

Whether you’re the kind of person that thrives in and around other people or you’re the Lone Wolf character, the group structure creates an environment of accountability or just let’s you know how you’re performing amongst the others.

Life has taught me that there is not one single teacher, we can all learn something from each other and I would like to create an environment where we can have these elements of learning bringing you closer to your Health & Fitness goals and enriching your life.

Flexible Training Days

Different GTPs will have different amounts of focused training days, Flexible Training days are the days that you can focus on sports activities, active recovery, mobility or areas where you find yourself lagging behind. As individuals we’re not the same so I’ve incorporated this into my GTPs to allow you to make the training your own. In your GTP you will receive a general guideline as to what activities can be done on your Flexible Training days. You will also get access to my mobility workouts which will improve your movement capability and improve your overall performance in the Programs as well as general everyday movement.


I’ve priced this product to make it affordable and accessible for the person who is looking for a structured training plan that will give you real sustainable results!

This is where our journey begins, make the commitment now and let’s work together towards a better you!

If you are looking for more Personalized Training, I have online Personal Training and Personal Training (Munich, Germany) services available. Please get in touch with me to find out more about availability.

Get to the next level and join TEAM.STRONGFIT

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