About me

My name is Ernest...

…and ever since a young age I enjoyed moving my body, I would definitely say it’s something I’ve always enjoyed. I excelled in Sports during my school sports career focusing primarily on Athletics, Basketball and Squash.
Upon completing school I pursued a career in IT, not really questioning whether there was something that I might be more passionate about. Over a decade of working as a web developer and I realised that I wasn’t satisfied with the direction my life was taking, this led me to question the path I had taken. This wasn’t a comfortable process but a necessary one, the beginning of what was to be my “Right of Passage”, a journey that would mould me into the person that I am today. I went back to study and became a certified Personal Trainer, Pilates Base Mat Instructor and Boxing Fitness Instructor. I still have so much more to learn and share with all of you.

Health, Fitness & Nutrition?

I believe that through exercise we challenge ourselves not only physically but also mentally, developing a healthy relationship and outlook of your body and what you’re capable of doing is of the utmost importance, being able to accomplish something today that we couldn’t do yesterday feels great!!
All of this is achievable by developing healthy consistent exercise routines and this is can help us reach our true potential in so many different aspects of life.

What does Health & Fitness mean to me? 

Proper organ functionality, comfortable mobility, good body composition, healthy sleeping patterns, strong mind/muscle connection, stable moods, strong mental fortitude… these are some of the building blocks that make up Health & Fitness.

What does Nutrition mean to me?

Our nutrition is the source of our energy for our bodies & plays a massive role in longevity. As our bodies age functionality decreases, I believe that healthy sustainable nutrition is key to combat the effects of ageing in our bodies.

As you can tell, I’m passionate about healthy living and I found a way to share this passion with all of you through creating exercise programs which are built on these principles.

Got a Question?

Whether you have a question about fitness, health or nutrition. I would be happy to help.
Ernest sitting on bench