Group Fitness

Let's Get Functional

This class is all about having fun while challenging your body with energetic music to get you ready for the challenge!


We’re going to squat, jump, crawl, push and pull … all of these movements while having a ton of fun, combining the use of functional and resistance training equipment to tone your body and keep you fit.


What more could you want?


Quite simply put, I want you to get stronger 😉 and I know that you have what it takes, let me help you unlock your strength potential.


BACK2BELLS, focuses on using kettlebell strength and ballistic exercises that will build strength in your upper and lower body while improving your core stability and strength.


STRETCH does not only focus on improving our mobility but also increasing our flexibility.


With added focus on breathing while we move we can reach a physical meditative state which will decrease stress, help with muscular recovery and decrease bodily aches over time…


Come and experience the STRETCH class.

Group Stretch